About Hotelstatistics.com

Hotelstatistics.com analyzes and publishes interesting facts about European hotels.

Hotelstatistics.com started in 2011 as a project where the goal was to identify a large number of European hotels to find a pattern in popularity versus location, hotel size, rating and price. We overwatched the period 2012-2014 some 30 different sources of data we obtained that were normalized and analyzed. Among the sources, there were a number of authorities, local and global travel agencies.

During these years we noticed that this data may be of interest in a number of situations, so why not present the information here on Hotelstatistics.com?

The accuracy of our numbers and facts is not guaranteed. This project is based largely on both computer programs that can have flaws and humans of whom makes mistakes. The data and information collected is also created by the hotels and hotel chains themselves.

Hotel Statistics hopes in the future to increase the amount of data sources so we also can present price statistics for the remaining parts of the world. The goal is that by the middle of 2015 to share facts and hotel statistics in Asia. We also hope in 2015 to improve our map functionality because we know that they are appreciated. However, Hotelstatistics.com is based on commitment from a number of enthusiasts, so we can only keep our fingers crossed that our time will get us there. There are only 24 hours in one day.

Our goal is that by presenting this data we will help our visitors to create an overview of the hotel supply in Europe, a country or a given European city. Information like hotel classes, average prices and prices highs and lows has previously been appreciated information when we created our reports. We also know that our top lists and comparisons between cities and countries are much appreciated. The hope is that it will be easier for travelers to plan their trip and for hotel guests to find a suitable hotel.


Team Hotelstatistics.com