Hotel statistics for Iceland


There is a varied selection of hotels in Iceland. Like the large Fosshotel Reykjavík in Reykjavík with its 413 rooms. In Iceland Fosshotel is a well established chain with 11 hotels.

The avarage price1) for a nights stay in Iceland was EUR 193 in June 2015, compared to 94 in neighbouring Norway. The avarage fee in Reykjavík however is higher where one nights stay costs you EUR 251 in avarage. In the capital Reykjavík, the current price level is 251.

Of the 180 hotels in Iceland, 56 are located in the capital.


Avarage minimumprices for all hotels in Iceland combined over the last 30 days. Highest avarage price was on 14/3 with EUR 211 and the lowest price was picked up 10/3 with EUR 116.

Large hotel chains in Iceland Number of
Fosshotel 11
Keahotels 10
Hotel Edda 8
Icelandair Hotels 7
Centerhotels 6
Toplist of biggest hotels! Number of
Fosshotel Reykjavík 413
Grand Hotel Reykjavík 311
Hotel Cabin 252
Hilton Reykjavik Nordica 252
Radisson Blu Saga Hotel 236
Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura 220
Hotel Edda Akureyri 204
CenterHotel Plaza 200
Base Hotel by Keflavik Airport 153

List of hotels with the largest number of rooms. The biggest one, Fosshotel Reykjavík, is located in Reykjavík.

City No. Hotels   Avg. minrate.
Reykjavík 56 8.2 EUR 251
Keflavík 10 8.1 EUR 240
Akureyri 6 8.4 EUR 135
Hveragerði 5 8.7 EUR 216
Hella 5 8.5 EUR 192
Egilsstadir 5 8.5 EUR 212
Myvatn 5 8.3 EUR 216

1) The avarage price is the minimum avarage fee for the cheapest hotelrooms combined from each hotel. According to sources.